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All Merritt Clubs locations are open. To expedite the check-in process, we ask that members sign and print out our Health Declaration and Waiver and bring it to the club.



For the last 43 years, this community has been our family and we are grateful for the trust you have shown us. Now with COVID-19 front and center in our lives, we want to help keep you safe by committing to the highest levels of health and safety within our clubs.

On this page you will find detailed descriptions of our new safety measures to ensure we are transparent about our efforts, both now and for the future. We are making strides in all areas of our clubs, including cleaning and sanitation, physical distancing, social responsibility, health, and hygiene, for both our members and our employees.

– Mark Miller, COO of Merritt Clubs


“I came back to Merritt (Downtown location) mid October. I had been a daily gym-goer before COVID, but even after Merritt reopened, I was nervous to come back, since I have close family members who are high-risk (asthma, diabetes, over 60, etc). I appreciated the frequent communication from Merritt during the closure and during reopening. As I was considering coming back, I had all the information I needed from Merritt about the safety protocols in place and what to expect when I came in. I saw the videos online showing the equipment spaced out all over the basketball court, and that's when I decided I felt comfortable enough to come back in.

I was truly impressed by what I saw when I came back. The change that meant the most to me personally was the distancing of equipment to allow you to be 6ft or more from others while working out. Everyone wears a mask when moving around, the directional arrows around the gym help keep people spaced apart, all gym members are doing their part to clean equipment after they use it, and cleaning staff are continuously sanitizing equipment.

I feel very lucky to be a member of a gym that's taking this pandemic so seriously--not many gyms are. I am so happy to be back in the gym!”

Dana, Merritt Clubs Downtown

“I think the club has done an outstanding job making the club as user friendly as possible while keeping it super clean. To be honest, I was not sure I would return. I can not think of anything more you can do for members that do not want to live their life on hold.”

Rita, Merritt Clubs Eldersburg

“The gym has never been cleaner. I was hesitant to return to the gym, but felt very comfortable once I was there and it was really due to how clean everything was. Communication has been great throughout, they nailed this.”

Matthew, Merritt Clubs Fort Avenue

“Trust me when I say Merritt has really impressed me with the measures they have taken to protects its members. I really think that working out at Merritt Clubs will be safer than going to the grocery store.”

Michelle, Merritt Clubs Fort Avenue

“At first I was scared to come back to the Merritt Downtown location due to the pandemic. However merrit has shown me over these last few months how dedicated they are to staying Covid free. Things like everyone wearing masks and everyone wiping equipment down after use mentally eases my mind and I’m grateful that Merritt has become a place of shelter in these chaotic times.”

Earl, Merritt Clubs Downtown

“I think the gym is taking everything very seriously, as I assume the other locations are as well. I routinely see the staff wiping down the equipment, have posted more than adequate signage, and remain personable despite having to continuously wear a mask. I appreciate the work and effort they have to put into maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy environment for the patrons.”

Stephen, Merritt Clubs Cranbrook

“I just took a cycle class where I was at least 15 feet away from my classmates and the instructor was behind [a] plexiglass. The airflow, like an airliner, takes the air away [from] us and filters it. ”

Gary, Merritt Clubs Towson

“Merritt is a positive environment for anyone, at any athletic level, to feel comfortable to work out in. Love the app for registering for classes and on demand access. I appreciate the emails to keep us all up to date with how Merritt is handling Covid Policies, cancelations because of weather, class schedules etc... Y'all doing a great job!”

Melanie, Merritt Clubs White Marsh

“I feel like the staff is so on board with not only following guidelines but holding each other accountable. I see staff being proud to wear masks and clean the entire zone before a new group comes in. I see them uphold the rules and regulations for the kids as well as the parents...I think the thing that impresses me the most is when I see EVERY SINGLE TOY being disinfected after use. Even if it was just touched once. I noticed the other day when i picked up the baby, the staff went directly over to the exersaucer he was in and wiped / sprayed it down. It's a good feeling to know my infant was put into that with it cleaned that very same way. The staff help ensure all the kids sanitize on their way out and as a mom of two that is so helpful! Sometimes it slips my mind as I'm walking out but the staff is there to help make sure we all sanitize during drop off and pick up. ”

Sara, Merritt Clubs Eldersburg

“I want to thank you for all you and your staff have done to make the Merritt Towson Club safe and accessible. I truly do feel safer going to your club than going to the grocery store, Home Depot, outdoor dining establishment, or any other place outside of my home. You and your staff have put in very effective safety measures, and we all feel confident working out on the equipment as well as taking group classes.”

Susan, Merritt Clubs Towson

“The gym may be the last thing on your mind during COVID, but I have begun checking it out again, and this Merritt location is absolutely making every effort to keep members safe. The spacious workout areas are distanced and with plenty of sanitizer. The staff is relentlessly friendly, which can't always be easy for them right now. I am cautious and conservative when it comes to my choices during the pandemic, and I can honestly say I feel safe at this location - and getting physical again has helped my mental outlook quite a lot.”

Mark, Merritt Clubs Downtown


  • We’ve purchased new technology, including electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant, to sanitize surfaces throughout the club as recommended by the CDC. Electrostatic sprayers are proven to rapidly clean and disinfect areas with a 1-minute kill ratio.
  • HVAC units have been enhanced to provide more fresh air flow and micronized filters have been installed to trap particles and clean air.
  • We’ve removed or disabled fans to mitigate the spread of germs.
  • Faucets and toilets have been upgraded to touchless, wherever possible.
  • We’ve purchased extra gym wipe and automatic hand sanitizing stations and conveniently placed them throughout the gym floor, in group fitness studios and kids’ clubs.



Sneeze guards are placed on all welcome desks and kid’s club counters as an extra precaution, and signage will be posted at entry ways stating that no members or staff are to enter the club if they show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. For contactless check-in, members will be required to check in using the Merritt Clubs app, and cash will no longer be accepted.

“They made a lot of changes to accommodate for social distancing. Very clean and well managed. Worth the money.”
– Dave, Merritt Clubs Canton

body pump weights

Group fitness studios:

Class times will be adjusted to ensure there is at least 15 minutes between each class so that equipment can be properly sanitized. Instructors are tasked with reminding members to wipe down equipment before and after each class. Learn how to register for classes here

“When the wide variety of outdoor classes started, they were fun and safe, and it was so nice to see people again!”
– Rachel, Merritt Clubs Fort Avenue

Fitness floor:

We’ve rearranged equipment to observe physical distancing and proper spacing. While the majority of equipment has remained in the club, some have been removed to make space. Our team will be using hospital-grade disinfectant on machines and fogging free weights with the electrostatic guns throughout the day.

“You took the requirements for social distancing to heart, and the club feels safe. Simply, the club is just a good place to workout. Plain and simple.”
– Jeffery, Merritt Clubs Eldersburg

group fitness

High-touch areas:

Surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and treated by our teams with hospital-grade disinfectants throughout the day, and third party cleaning and fogging companies will be utilized if necessary. Floor stickies will be placed in high-traffic areas and group fitness studios to remind members to remain at least 6 feet apart. 

“I saw cleaning/ sanitizing being done, everyone has to leave at a certain time, hoses, buckets, brushes come out and additional deep cleaning is done.”
– Mary, Merritt Clubs White Marsh

Kids Club:

Our team has put together safety protocols to allow for the reopening of the Kids Club. If you would like to bring your child, you must use the Merritt Clubs app to make a reservation. Hours have been modified and capacity has been limited to ensure everyone’s safety. A 1.5 hour max time limit will be strictly enforced. Learn how to reserve your spot here.

State officials require children ages five and over to wear a mask while in the Kids’ Club when physical distancing is not possible. If your child does not have a mask, they will be unable to enter.

“This facility is staffed with amazing people. It is always clean, and is a welcoming environment. I love the child care staff. My son is EXCITED to go!”
– Krista, Merritt Clubs Canton

Outdoor Pools:

Members will be required to make a reservation to access the pool facility. We will adhere to state guidelines for how many patrons can be in the pool at once, as well as social distancing guidelines for maintaining at least 6 feet of physical distance while in the pool and on the pool deck. Please review and follow the pool guidelines listed here and learn how to reserve a spot here

“I swim laps daily and read at the pool in the late afternoons and I have been so impressed with how the registration system has been handled.”
– Sarah, Merritt Clubs Fort Avenue

Planning for a safe visit


  • Ensure you have not had any of the symptoms of COVID-19 listed on the CDC website within the last 48 hours, and are not currently positive for COVID-19.
  • Review the new Health Declaration Form and Waiver. You can digitally fill it out ahead of time, print and bring with you to the club.
  • Check the website to view your club location’s updated hours and new class schedule.


  • Wear a mask as you enter the club, per the Governor’s mandate.
  • Turn in your Health Declaration and Waiver form at the welcome desk.
  • Check in using the Merritt Clubs App.


  • Please be respectful and courteous to all and take a high degree of personal responsibility while in the clubs. Observe safe distances of at least 6 feet and pay attention to floor decals when in high-traffic areas.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Thoroughly wipe down equipment before and after use. Cleaning is a team sport.
  • Please be understanding we are doing our best to mitigate things and help during this time. While you may not like or agree with some changes, we are following all guidelines and best practices, and these are subject to change. Please do not take anything out on our club teams or individual staff. This will not be tolerated. We appreciate everyone working with us as we create a healthy way back for all.

What is your protocol if someone who has visited the club tests positive for COVID-19?

We have educated our staff about the signs and symptoms of illness. We will ask members to leave if the manager on duty deems necessary. We are updating our check-in greeting to include a declaration of health from each member.

If someone who has used the club tests positive for COVID-19, we will alert the local health department and follow their guidelines. All members using the club will be asked to confirm their contact information and update their picture on file so that we can effectively communicate when necessary.

Will the clubs be open 24 hours?

Our clubs’ hours have been temporarily modified. The Buckingham, Cranbrook, Eldersburg and Owings Mills locations are all now open 24 hours.  Please visit our website to view your club’s hours.

What is your mask policy?

Merritt Clubs follows all guidelines mandated by:

Members at our Buckingham, Canton, Cranbrook, Downtown, Fort Avenue Owings Mills, Towson and White Marsh locations MUST wear a mask at ALL times while inside of the club. Except when swimming or taking a drink of water.

Members at the Eldersburg club two years of age and older must wear a face covering while inside the club at all times. Members may only remove their masks while engaging in vigorous exercise more than six feet away from another individual and while actively hydrating. Members are required to re-mask when moving between exercises.

Please read below for more detail on the Merritt Clubs Mask Policy at the Eldersburg club and how it pertains to certain areas of the club:

      • Group Fitness: Members must wear a mask upon entering and exiting the studio. The mask should remain on while members are setting up for class. If a member is participating in vigorous exercise and is unable to safely wear a mask, they may remove it if they are more than six feet away from another individual. Members must re-mask immediately after the class.
      • Stretching Area: Stretching is not considered a vigorous activity; therefore, members are required to wear a mask.
      • Kids’ Clubs/Camps: As per the order, children ages two and older are required to wear a face-covering while inside the club at all times. Masks may only be removed while actively eating or drinking.
      • Locker Rooms: Masks are required at all times while in the locker room except for when taking a shower and brushing your teeth in the sink. Members must re-mask immediately after showering or brushing their teeth.
      • Indoor Pools: Face coverings are required while entering and exiting the pool deck, interacting with others, and moving throughout the deck. Face coverings are not required when swimming in the pool.

Our team is required to wear a face covering at all times inside the club. Lifeguards may remove their mask while on the lifeguard stand, more than 6 feet away from another person.

Will towel service be available?

Towel service has been temporarily suspended to reduce person-to-person exposure. We do not have a timeline on when this service will become available.

Can I bring a guest to the club?

Yes, you may bring a guest with you to the club.  Our city clubs are the only clubs currently under capacity restriction.  If you would like to bring a guest to one of these clubs please contact the club prior to coming to make sure we are not at capacity.  

Are you still hosting group fitness classes at the club?

Group fitness officially resumed on June 24, 2020; however, the schedule is modified, and participant capacity is limited to adhere to recommended safety guidelines. Class times and locations will be updated online and on the Merritt Clubs app as changes occur. 

Will there be enough cleaning supplies?

Yes. We have increased the level of product we are stocking. Our group fitness instructors and personal trainers will also be instructing members about our cleaning expectations. 

Is the Kids' Club open?

Yes, our Kids’ Clubs are open. Our team has put together safety protocols to allow for the reopening of the Kids Club. If you would like to bring your child to the Kids Club, you must use the Merritt Clubs app to make a reservation. Hours have been modified and capacity has been limited to ensure everyone’s safety. A 2 hour MAX time limit will be strictly enforced and kids two years and older are required to wear a mask.

Have you made any changes to HVAC?

Yes. Our maintenance team has made several enhancements to HVAC units to provide more fresh air flow and installed micronized filters to trap particles and clean air. In addition, we’ve either eliminated or disabled fans to mitigate spread.

Can I still purchase a smoothie?

At this time, we are not offering smoothies. This will allow our welcome desk team to closely monitor the flow of traffic.

What happens to money I paid for programs such as camps, personal training, swim, Etc.? Can I get a refund?

Once we re-open, we will evaluate credits or refunds for services not rendered on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about a specific program, it is best to speak to that department manager or general manager at your location. Contact information is listed on our website.