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Wellness Program Testimonials

I was more-or-less in shape when I signed up for Lindsay's Wellness Program at Merritt Fitness Center in Eldersburg this spring. I exercised and ate healthy foods, but somehow couldn't take off the 10 pounds that made me feel heavy around the middle. In just 8 weeks, by following Lindsay's advice and recipe suggestions, I was able to take 10 pounds off. I have adjusted the way I eat and have made this a permanent change in my lifestyle. Now I read labels before buying and assess how hungry I really am before snacking. I've learned to go easy on my beloved grains and be more particular about the grains I choose to eat. I really appreciate Lindsay's teaching style and friendly encouragement with no guilt!


I had been on a slow weight loss path, taking over 6 years to lose 35 pounds. It took so long because I'd stop being motivated, and this was program was perfect to help get me motivated, back on track, and accountable to not only myself, but to you and the rest of our group.

During the 2 months of the Wellness Program, I was able to lose 12 pounds over the 2 months of the course, without eating weird chemical products, taking any weird supplements, or starving. Even though I read a lot about healthier eating beforehand, you summed it up and make it easier for all of us to follow.


Unlike other fitness/wellness programs I have done, that encourage weight loss and fitness but do little in terms of maintaining gains after the program finishes, this program was intelligently designed to build life-changing habits in diet, exercise, and stress reduction that are much more likely to be continued long after the program finishes.
The length of the program itself, while challenging in terms of commitment, allows enough time to develop habits and problem-solve pitfalls so that long-term success is much more likely. The nutritional information is research-based and current, and presented in a way that motivated me to make healthy changes. The inclusion of an exercise program that introduced a wide range of options allowed participants to develop their own program that fit individual needs and preferences.


Having fallen into a health rut, Lindsay’s program was exactly what I needed! After the program, I continued to work with Lindsay and my health improved tremendously. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything related to health and wellness. She has given me so many suggestions and tips that I have been able to incorporate into my daily life. I highly recommend Lindsay if you need any type of health or wellness support.


The Merritt Slimdown sessions with Lindsay were just what I needed to get back on track with my health! Lindsay offered great insight and expertise to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress and gave valuable resources after each session such as great recipes and extra research on requested topics. I have tried many of Lindsay’s recipes and have already implemented her best practices in nutrition into my daily life.