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Therapeutic Services Testimonials


I like the convenience of being able to let my boys play in the kids zone during my massage. The room was comfortable, it helped that the soft music drowned out the noise in the hallway.

Awesome massage once again! Thank you! I’m a runner and this was just what I needed! I really liked the cupping technique on my shoulder area… I like how the therapist stretches my body to really get to the muscle groups…

Loved every minute!

Everything was great i will definitely be back!!!

I like that the therapist takes the time to really loosen up my tight muscles….. hot stones do the trick every time!!

I really have enjoyed my massages as they help release tight muscles and it also helps me to just relax and quietly breathe for 90 minutes. The quiet music....the light chatting....the stretching....letting go of pain.....

I have enjoyed several massages by the therapists at Merritt Clubs. I look forward to my next appointment.

I highly recommend M-Brace360! I’ve had two massages recently and they were both amazing! It was customized to meet my needs. I will definitely be back!

I appreciate that Merritt has M-Brace360 to help me feel my best & that Merritt provides child care so I can actually take a bit of time out for myself each month. This is a huge convenience for someone like me with a child that can not be left at home alone.

I enjoy the entire experience of relaxation while improving my muscle health. The therapist has always been communicative to make sure I am receiving the proper treatment during each visit. I highly recommend her as a skilled therapist. I have the highest regard for the therapist’s capabilities and experience, and in my opinion, M-Brace360 has the best massage therapists.

I enjoy so many things about getting a massage at Merritt. I love that I can utilize the children’s center rather than worrying about child care, I love the level of training & expertise the therapists have specific to my issues with sciatic nerve discomfort. I love how accommodating the therapists are with their time and I love the quality of personal time I can make for myself because of M-Brace360 & Merritt.

After physical therapy 3 times a week for a couple months, it was recommended to me that I continue to take care of my progress with monthly massage appointments. It is wonderful for me to be able to check my child into the Kid Zone once a month so I can make time to take care of myself. The therapists are miracle workers, with magic hands, and they’re detailed during intake. Additionally, it is nice to know my child is being well cared for while I take some much needed time for myself.

I really liked the deep tissue massage.

We have strict confidentiality practices, and because of this, the above testimonials remain anonymous.