Matthew Ennis


National Acadamy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization


Fitness Nutrition


The body has to be able to move well to not only perform well, but feel well. I place a heavy emphasis on ensuring my clients improve their mobility and flexibility so that it carries over directly into their strength training and everyday life. At the end of the day, we all want a better quality of life and that is what I aim to provide!

I understand that everyone that comes through the doors will not be as passionate about fitness as I am so I make it my job to bring the encouragment and motivation with every session so that eventually people love coming to the gym and have fun with it.


I feel like my results before personal training wasn't doing nearly as much for me as working out with Ennis, that wasn't building muscle nearly as well. I prefer going to the gym with somebody else, and when I don't have that somebody else I tend to slack of alot. I feel like my muscles have gotten more toned and defined, I don't know if that's a thing or not but that's how I feel. Also, I feel great after our workout. The muscle group we hit that day is tired and you can tell we had a great workout. Ennis really hammers into form with every exercise that we do. I would tell people that a personal trainer is great, that they are really going to help you and you can learn alot from them. Ennis is amazing, he works me hard but at the same time he jokes around and makes the workout that much more fun. He make sure you warm up properly before every warmup too, and once the workout starts he is by your side the whole time, making sure you do every rep, watching form and correcting it, encouraging you when you really need it.

Matthew Pierce