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In order to prevent injury and to maximize a workout, proper form and proper placement is the first step when strength training. Utilizing stationary machines while strength and resistance training is a great way to ensure proper technique is intact.

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Strengthen your body and mind in the comfort of a place that feels like home. Our nine gyms in Baltimore include convenient suburban and downtown locations with state-of-the-art facilities, award-winning group fitness classes, indoor/outdoor pools and more. As long as you’re a member at Merritt Clubs, our staff will be by your side to make sure you are seeing the results you want.

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Monday–Thursday: 5:45am–8:45pm
Friday: 5:45am–8:30pm
Saturday: 7am–6:30pm
Sunday: 8:00am–4:30pm

No matter how long an individual has been attending the gym, understanding how to set up a weight machine properly can be a challenging task.