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Our Trainers

They’ll push you forward and pull you in new directions—whatever it takes to make you feel fitter. Meet some of the best trainers in Baltimore.

Andrew Lingelbach

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. Exercise Science

Exercise is just as diverse as people. There is something out there for everyone to love and enjoy.

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Bashi Olagoke

ACE Personal Training Certificate

Functional strength is the basis of any great exercising program

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Ellyn Gildea

B.S. Exercise Science, M.S. Health Sciences, NASM, Tribe Team Training Coach

It’s all about balance.

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Gracie Shortridge


Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

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Heather Jordan

I grew up thinking you needed to play team sports in order to be athletic. It wasn’t until I joined Merritt as a member that I realized being athletic was more than just throwing, dribbling, or scoring goals. As an instructor, I help people unlock the inner athleticism they didn’t know they had!

Les Mills Group Fitness, NSPA, Post Natal Fitness Specialist

If you had to run a marathon in 9 months, you would train for it, right? I help women develop the muscles and stamina needed for labor and ease some common pains associated with pregnancy. After baby (no matter how many months or years that is) I help women regain core strength and become stronger than ever.

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Heidi Shaneybrook

Ace Certified Personal Trainer, FMS Level 2, McDaniel College M.S. Exercise Science, Original Strength, Salisbury University B.S. Exercise Science

It is your attitude more than your aptitude that determines your altitude.

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Ian Imes

ACE Certification, Nutrition Specialist Certification

My philosophy in training revolves around creating an awareness of the Mind-Body connection. This is specific to each individual thus my training is built around the client’s needs specifically. Cultivating this will increase a client’s intrinsic motivation to push themselves to ensure they meet the goals they set.

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Jalal Muhammad

AAAI/ISMA Level II Trainer, ACE Certified Kickboxing Instructor, HardStyle Kettlebell Certified (HKC), Strength Calisthenics Certified (SCC)

Train to be the best version of yourself

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James Merritt II


Make your training fun to prevent making it feel like a chore or a task to be done. This will help you exercise more often and improve your fitness goals.

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Keittie Ribadeneira

It’s all about having fun! Whether we’re lifting, running or punching I want everyone to feel the excitement. With that, we’ll hit our max every time. I’m all about achieving that max effort. I’m taking you with me!

CPR, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Les Mills Body Combat, Personal Trainer

Your body is a gift…cherish it!

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Kelly Tanner

HKC Certified Hardstyle Kettlebell Trainer, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, NCCPT Certified Weight Management Specialist, SCC- Certified Strength and Calisthenics Trainer, TRX Certified Trainer

Keep It Simple!

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Kofi Boateng


Thrive, rationalize, adjust, initiate, Never Back Down. (T.R.A.I.N)

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Lameak Barrett

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Fall in love with the process and be proud of the product.

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Leonardo Angeles

HKC HardStyle Kettlebell Instructor, NSPA Certified Personal Trainer, RKC Russian Kettlebell Instructor, SCC Strength Calisthenics Instructor, WMS Weight Management Specialist

The right training for the right needs.

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Maria Mager

AFAA Group Fitness, Les Mills CXWORX, NASM, Spinning, Tribe Team Training

Good form is the key to success when it comes to cardio or weight training. In time, proper technique will allow you to increase your resistance and speed.

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Mark Green


Meet each individual’s needs

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Matt Grafton

Ace Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. Kinesiology/Exercise Science, HKC, RKC-L1, SCC

Train hard, train smart, train with purpose

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Mike Bentivenga

CPT Certified Personal Trainer, USA Powerlifting, USA Weightlifting

Every day, you have the chance to get better.

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Nancy Molimis

ACE Certified Trainer

Working out should be a challenge, but one you enjoy; never a punishment.

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Nick Strong

ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, SFG-L1, TRX Training, USAW-L1

Train smarter, not harder.

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Patrick Grove


Focus on technique, strengthen your weaknesses, work hard but don’t burnout and quit

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Paul Coppock

ISSA Certified SCS, MSJ Strength & Conditioning Coach, NASM Certified Trainer, Strong First Certified KB L1, TRX Certified Trainer

Stay active, sports, goals or just a healthier life.

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Ryan Vandenberge

Ace Certified Personal Trainer, AED/CPR Certified, IDEA Nutrition Essentials Certified

Health is the ultimate motive for exercising. Gaining new or regaining lost pieces of one’s life and achieving higher goals through physical training motivates me to do my best as a fitness professional.

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Samantha Reynolds

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Proper form is more important than how much weight you lift or how fast you go.

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Sarah Shea

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I recognize and appreciate a person’s willingness to put in the work to achieve their goals. As long as one puts forth their best effort, they can be successful and get to where they want to be.

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Shane Thompson

B.S. Exercise Science, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialization

Combines functional movement patterns and dynamic exercises in order to Prioritize movement over body parts. Work with a purpose in order to be more efficient with your workouts. Shane’s passion for training will inspire and motivate you to push past your limits.

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Steve Siewierski

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Movement is Medicine.

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Tom Martin

AED, CPR, First Aid

Fitness is all about learning the incredible things your body can do! My purpose is to help all of my students to accomplish things that might seem impossible by breaking down each movement into achievable steps, targeting specific muscles to strengthen, and understanding the importance of flexibility in everything we do.

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Tony Wagner

A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer, A.C.E Certified Youth Fitness Coach, A.L.I.V.E. Coach, Cardio Boxing Certified Coach, Smart Fitness Certified

Activate Tissue don’t Mimic the motion!

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Wendy Spradlin

Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialization, Exercise/Fitness Therapy, Fitness Nutritionist Certification, Strength and Conditioning, Youth Fitness Certification

I strive to help my clients understand that fitness starts in their minds. Change your mindset! Be good to yourself and you ‘get’ to work on yourself today! Also, I believe building a strong fitness foundation with proper form is vital to preventing injury, therefore I don’t skip proper progression when it comes to their fitness goals. Lastly, I cater to each individual accordingly. Personalizing not only to their needs, but also their likes. I am here to help them become healthier, happier and ultimately-reach their goals.

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