Salisbury University, B.S., Exercise Science
McDaniel College, M.S., Exercise Science

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
FMS Level 2
Original Strength


It is your attitude more than your aptitude that determines your altitude.


I would like to say that Heidi is an excellent trainer who I have been working with since I started working out at Merritt Athletic Clubs. Her enthusiasm, fitness knowledge, and encouragement have allowed me to stay committed to the gym and totally changed the way I work out and look at workout. Heidi listened to what my fitness goals were and introduced me to new, fun yet challenging workouts that helped me with strength, speed and explosiveness. Things that I could never imagine doing a year ago, I can manage now and it has helped me take my workouts to higher intensity. I’ve seen results on the scale and in the mirror which are always encouraging! Heidi has also helped me with my nutrition and introduced me to other trainers to keep the workouts fresh and new. I look forward to our weekly meetings to see what challenge she has waiting for me next.

Tim Reynolds

Heidi has been my personal trainer for 8 months and we haven’t repeated a workout yet! Working out with Heidi has helped me lose weight and reshape by body all while gaining strength. Perhaps, most importantly I don’t drag my feet when going to the gym on days that I train. Heidi’s enthusiasm and knowledge of her job make her a fun and motivating personal trainer, but don’t get me wrong—she always kicks your butt!

Sarah Stamper