Instructor, Trainer

Heather Jordan


Les Mills Group Fitness, NSPA, Post Natal Fitness Specialist

Favorite Song:

I’m a sucker for anything with a strong beat. I typically play Top40 pop.

Training Philosophy:

If you had to run a marathon in 9 months, you would train for it, right? I help women develop the muscles and stamina needed for labor and ease some common pains associated with pregnancy. After baby (no matter how many months or years that is) I help women regain core strength and become stronger than ever.

Teaching Style

I grew up thinking you needed to play team sports in order to be athletic. It wasn’t until I joined Merritt as a member that I realized being athletic was more than just throwing, dribbling, or scoring goals. As an instructor, I help people unlock the inner athleticism they didn’t know they had!

What Clients say:

Working with Heather made me feel mentally and physically prepared for the birth of my first child. Now that the baby is here, she is guiding me in regaining my fitness in the right way.