Tom Martin


AED, CPR, First Aid

Training Philosophy:

Fitness is all about learning the incredible things your body can do! My purpose is to help all of my students to accomplish things that might seem impossible by breaking down each movement into achievable steps, targeting specific muscles to strengthen, and understanding the importance of flexibility in everything we do.

What Clients say:

Tom is an excellent teacher. His understanding of how the body works can only be achieved by someone who is clearly passionate about learning and has a focus to use that knowledge to better not only his own work but his students' understanding of movements and the muscles that should be creating those movements. He is patient with those of us who will figure out exactly how to do things backwards, or need extra explanations or comparisons to other movements to get the skill. He understands sometimes the struggle is real, and has the knowledge, encouragement, and kindness to make sure all his students find successes.