Matt Grafton


B.S. Kinesiology/Exercise Science

ACE Certified Personal Trainer





Strength and Conditioning

Kettlebell Training

Mobility and Flexibility Training

Functional Movement

Hypertrophy Training

High Intensity Interval Training



Train hard, train smart, train with purpose


Matt is a great trainer! He listens to the desires of his clients and crafts a program that facilitates maximum results! His personality is infectious and his knowledge is vast! If you want to put on muscle mass or if you want to lose weight, then I highly encourage you to contact Matt; you won't regret it!!

Darrell McCarthy

I started working out with Matt in June of this year after what I would characterize as a
difficult breakup, so the gym seemed an inevitably good place to take my
mind off of things and to get in good shape (I was already in decent shape but needed a bit of motivation and wanted to place emphasis on my upper body). Anyways, after my one free session with Shane, who is great, I was linked up with Matt. I truly have nothing bad to say about him, which if you know me, is rare - I am pretty tough in this ratings regard. Matt has always been on time, has accommodated my often insane schedule, has been
incredibly patient and professional and most importantly he has gotten me into really good shape -- he has also made the gym enjoyable for me, which I would not have characterized it as before -- more a necessity and would go whenever. Matt is overall an excellent trainer, and I am continuing building what I have learned and worked on with him beyond our initial three-month session. If you continue to employee men/women like him, I have no doubt that your clients will be exceptionally satisfied.

J. Lindsey