Alycia Wepasnick

Favorite Song:

I will always work a little harder during RPM – Burn it to the Ground, BC – Party Monster, Overload, and What Hurts the Most, BA – Nessaja and This is How We Rock

Teaching Style

Always friendly and teaching in the essence of the program. In my classes I like to offer you achievable power and strength. You will be challenged no matter if you are a fitness beginner or fitness pro.

A Little About

Alycia Wepasnick

I am a full time elementary school teacher. As a mother of 2 boys under the age of 3 I am busy but find time to train for triathlons, make soap, brew beer, and prepare top notch classes each week. I am motivated by my class participants and know that to teach excellent and motivating classes I have to train hard and continue to challenge myself each day.