Cory Donovan

Favorite Song:

Hmmm…my favorite song(s) change constantly and drastically. Last week, it was Pat Benatar. This week, all about the Wu-Tang. Next week….who knows!

Teaching Style

I received my E-RYT 200 in late 2016, and have taught over 2000 classes in over three years as a full time instructor. I have a few hundred hours of additional advanced training in yogic philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing various formats, and have experience teaching Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative yoga.

A Little About

Cory Donovan

Outside of Merritt and when I’m not teaching, I’m always moving. I typically run anywhere from 70-80 miles/week, up at the crack of dawn, catching the sunrise on a 10-15 mile jaunt through B’more. If I’m not at the pool at Merritt, I’m catching the sunset on an afternoon open water swim, and in between I might be walking the dog, teaching more yoga, going for a long bike ride to the county and back, or topping it all off at happy hour somewhere!