JC Montminy

Favorite Song:

Birdland (Maynard Ferguson), Neon Medusa (The Midnight), The World Keeps Turning (The Strike), A Remark You Made (Weather Report)

Teaching Style

Solid cycle classes start with a strong playlist. The music in my classes tells a story…a voyage through outer space, a celebration on Bourbon Street, or resilience through a challenging time. When the music allows a class to immerse themselves in the moment, it’s easy to give a full physical effort from start to finish.

A Little About

JC Montminy

My wife and I spend a lot of time with our (almost) 2 year old daughter – seeing her experience the world is an amazing thing! When I’m not doing that, I’m a huge fan of crosswords and other puzzles/games, and I’m a huge pinball fan (I have a restored game in my basement)! My biggest motivator is being able to use my talents and skills to help others excel, whether that’s in my day job as a software engineer, in my family life, or in the Merritt cycle studio! You can also catch me working out with my wife at the gym when I’m not on stage teaching!