Kristy Soltesz

Favorite Song:

Rocky Theme (Instrumental)

Teaching Style

With verbal & visual cuing + modifications, I aim to teach isometric, isotonic & dynamic exercises to gain strength, alignment & balance. “Better Form, Better Results.”

A Little About

Kristy Soltesz

Seventeen years ago, Kristy began a study of Pilates & yoga to correct her posture, alignment & inflexibility. It was a life-changing experience that led to a daily practice &, eventually, her transition from student to instructor. After discovering the positive results of SB Barre classes, Kristy wanted to help others find strength & flexibility, both physically & mentally, through SB Barre. “Barre can be a challenging exercise for everyone,” says Kristy. “It’s hard on the muscles, kind on the joints, creates a greater range of motion & provides endurance for all other daily activities—while also inducing confidence & well being.” Kristy also holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The Cleveland Institute of Art, where she majored in figurative sculpture & studied anatomy for medical illustration.