Stefanie Hatmaker

Favorite Song:

Connection by One Republic Falling Water by Maggie Rogers Hold You Down by X AMBASSADORS Circus by Britney Spears Under Your Scars by Godsmack

Teaching Style

Go hard or go home! I aim to inspire and encourage my classes through intensity and accountability. We are a team and will struggle and succeed together in the 30 minutes I have them. Giving 100% max effort, letting go of insecurities and self doubt, that’s what my classes are all about.

A Little About

Stefanie Hatmaker

I love being outside. Whether that be at the pool with friends, gardening at home, playing with the kids on a playground or having a drink on a patio. Something about fresh air and nature soothes my soul and brings me peace. That being said, I have never been camping. Something about sleeping on the ground, does not give me peace. Maybe someday! I am a rec soccer coach of an amazing group of girls that have been with me for years! I played soccer my whole life and my daughter, Amelia, is an amazingly dedicated and talented player. I am also the proud mom to my incredible 5yr old son Ben, who has Autism. I am a very outspoken advocate for Special Needs rights and awareness. Otherwise, you can find me singing too loudly with my ear buds in, getting into trouble with my tribe, vacuuming or drinking coffee.