Why Merritt Clubs

Voted Baltimore’s Best Health Club for four consecutive years, Merritt Athletic Clubs is the best part of our members’ day EVERYDAY, and the only health club in Maryland that offers a Results Guarantee or your money back.  With our award winning aquatics program, premiere group fitness classes and top-notch children’s programs, Merritt offers a first class environment that redefines the fitness experience and becomes a part of our members’ lifestyle.

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    Group Fitness

    It’s designed to get you fit enough for life’s adventures, shed excess weight, leave you feeling great.

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    Personal Training

    Need a coach, workout plan or maybe just want to test your mettle? Train with a trainer one on one to surpass any goal or fitness challenge! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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    We want to ensure that each of our participants has an opportunity to become very comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Our Programs

We offer everything from intermediate to advanced programs for those looking to achieve more in less time, to improve athletic performance as well as those looking to explore the world of functional training. Be prepared to work hard and have fun!

The Fitness Center offers New Member Orientations designed to get you back into exercising and acquaint you with our equipment. Schedule this appointment with a fitness instructor.

We’re a place of work and performance where you learn new skills, improve yourself, become stronger, faster, fitter, and leaner. We have foam rollers, dowelling rods, massage balls and stretch straps which we use every session.

  • We have two long chin-up bars that we had prefabricated and set into the roof.
  • We have lots of Kettle bells perfect for helping strengthen shoulder girdle stability.
  • We have four lifting platforms for Barbell work.

We have our own juice bar on the premises selling our smoothie of the day. It’s the perfect supplement, the one you probably wouldn’t make for yourself at home.

Team members

Check out the individual bios on our trainers below and sign up for sessions with the trainer of your choice today.

[team_member type=”1″ name=”Joe Bonett” email=”bonett@merrittclubs.com” position=”Personal Cross-fit trainer” img=”16769″ img_size=”270×270″]Joe has ten years of personal training experience combined with four years as a sports massage therapist.[/team_member]

[team_member type=”1″ name=”Marine Tompson” email=”marin@merrittclubs.com” position=”Personal trainer” img=”16775″ img_size=”270×270″]She takes outdoor boot camps on the beaches and is available for personal training sessions.[/team_member]

[team_member type=”1″ name=”Kathrine Stons” email=”stons_k@merrittclubs.com” position=”Weight Management Consultant” img=”16776″ img_size=”270×270″]She takes clients individual needs into consideration when designing their fitness program.[/team_member]

[team_member type=”1″ name=”Alexander Herrera” email=”a.herrera@merrittclubs.com” position=”Personal Cross-fit trainer” img=”16778″ img_size=”270×270″]His main goal is to teach proper fitness and training to his clients. Alex  is a full time Personal Trainer.[/team_member]