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6 Ways to Get the Most Bang for your Buck on Workout Apparel

6 Ways to Get the Most Bang for your Buck on Workout Apparel


Workout apparel can be a significant expense, especially if you’re trying to stay on-trend with the latest fitness fashion — but it doesn’t have to break your budget. There are plenty of ways to save money on workout clothes without sacrificing style or quality. From shopping sales and using coupons, to scouring thrift stores for unique finds, you can find great deals that will help keep more money in your pocket while still looking fashionable when hitting the gym. With just a little bit of effort and creativity, you can get all the stylish workout clothes you need at prices that won’t leave you feeling drained afterward.

Shop online for the best deals

Shopping online for clothing is the fastest way to get in touch with online retailers with lower overhead costs, which means they can pass the savings on to you. Several sites cater to businesses that are looking for a low-footprint way of selling their product and are one of the best places to start looking for the best deals on workout clothing. Waiting for overseas shipping can provide even further savings on top. These sites also allow you to view feedback from storefronts and help you decide if the product is right for you.

Purchase secondhand clothing from consignment shops and outlet stores

Purchasing at consignment shops not only lets you get deep discounts on previously used workout gear, but it’s also an adventure because you never know what might be waiting for you. Although you may need to shop around a little bit to find something in the right style and fit, once you do find something you love you’ll pay pennies on the dollar for it.

Shop at discount stores

Discount stores offer great deals on name-brand workout clothing. While these stores may not be as organized with their products as higher end shops, you only need patience to take time to browse the selection to find pieces that fit your style and size.

Buy end-of-season clothing

Stores often put workout clothing on clearance or offer discounts at the end of each season to make room for new inventory. Shopping during these periods can help you save a lot of money.

Sign up for mailing lists to get coupons and discounts

Engaging with retailers is an excellent way to get discounts on workout gear. Not only can you receive emails with coupons and promotional codes, but many companies will also send out special offers that are exclusive to their subscribers. This means that if you’re willing to take the time to sign up for a few different retailers’ mailing lists, you could potentially save big on your next purchase of workout clothing. Some stores may even offer free shipping or other perks like bonus points when you sign up.

Consider buying multipacks or bundles

Buying workout clothing in multipacks or bundles is one of the best ways to save money when shopping for activewear. Not only do these options often come with discounted prices, they also provide an opportunity to stock up on essentials quickly and easily. For example, if you’re looking for some new gym clothes, a multipack of t-shirts and shorts can be purchased at a much more affordable price than if you were to buy them separately. Furthermore, by choosing bundles of clothing based on activity type or seasonality, you can ensure that all your garments match and complement each other perfectly. Additionally, since many stores offer deals on multipacks and bundles of activewear, you can often find even more savings – especially if you shop during seasonal sales or clearance periods.


By following these tips, you can save money on quality workout clothing while still getting the performance and style that you need. Start looking around and take advantage of all the savings opportunities available to you. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find great deals on workout clothing without breaking the bank.