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The fitness journey can be a tough one to embark upon. If you have yet to get started, the process is often daunting. However, these journeys do not have to be as challenging when the ...
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Exploring Anaerobic Exercise for Strength Training and Body Building

Anaerobic Exercise: What You Need to Build Muscle Anaerobic exercise is short bursts of high-intensity exercise designed to help you build muscle and process glucose (sugar) in your body. Weight lifting, sprint running, and HIIT ...
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HIIT: The Workout for Busy People

If you’re like me, you classify yourself as a perpetually busy person. Things are always coming up, filling your schedule, leaving you feeling like there’s no time left for yourself. But what if I told ...
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Functional Fitness and Why You Need to Incorporate it in Your Training

What is functional fitness?Functional fitness is a style of exercise that focuses on everyday movements (OPEX Fitness, 2023). Instead of focusing on maximal strength with ideal form, functional fitness emphasizes holistic strength and stability paired ...
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Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling, a simple yet effective self-myofascial release technique, has gained popularity in recent years among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and individuals seeking to enhance their overall well-being. This humble tool, often found in gyms and ...
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Losing Weight During Perimenopause

As women get older, maintaining their desired weight becomes harder. The workouts that worked in their 20s and 30s may no longer give the same results. It’s normal for weight gain to start a few ...
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Why Strength Training Is Vital as We Age

Aging is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t mean we have to accept a decline in physical strength and vitality. In fact, maintaining and even building strength becomes increasingly important as we age. ...
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Training Your Core Is Essential

When you think of core training, you probably think of endless crunches and planks. You might think of six-pack ab muscles on beach-ready bodies. But you may not think about all the other things a ...
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When to Use Wrist Wraps

What are wrist wraps? Wrist wraps are pieces of stiff fabric that are wrapped around your wrists to help stabilize and compress your wrists during overhead or pushing exercises (Valdez, 2021). There are different varieties ...
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Women, STOP Being Afraid to Lift Heavy!

Let me guess, some unnamed people have ingrained in your brain that lifting heavy, or lifting weights at all, will make you “bulky”. I’m here to tell you that’s BS, and it’s time women take ...
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Lifting: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Let me start by saying that I am not a psychologist or a therapist. This is coming from experience training many different people and training myself. This is meant to be a helpful read to ...
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Get Stronger by Lifting Less?

Here is a confusing statement… you do not get stronger in the gym!
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