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HIIT: The Workout for Busy People

HIIT: The Workout for Busy People

If you’re like me, you classify yourself as a perpetually busy person. Things are always coming up, filling your schedule, leaving you feeling like there’s no time left for yourself. But what if I told you there’s an exercise protocol that might be right for you, and you can do it in the gym, outside, or even at home? Enter: the HIIT workout.

What is a HIIT workout?
HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In these workouts, you’re intended to raise your heart rate for a shortened period of time, working as hard as you can before a brief period of rest. What are the benefits?

According to research, HIIT workouts can prime you to continue to burn fat for hours after exercise (Cultivating Health, 2022). Also due to the quick nature of HIIT workouts, you can complete the exercises in a much smaller time frame.

What are the drawbacks?
Although HIIT workouts are trending for their positive benefits, it’s important to consider the drawbacks. HIIT workouts by nature are very intense, therefore the potential for injury is heightened (Cultivating Health, 2022). If you don’t prepare properly before engaging in this type of intense workout, you could hurt yourself. Help avoid this drawback by checking in with your club’s personal trainers for a complimentary movement screening, to make sure your form is in check.

Why could HIIT workouts be great for busy people?
As previously mentioned, if you are deconditioned or not used to exercising, jumping into HIIT workouts is a bad idea. It’s better to take the time to build a strong foundation before cranking up the intensity. However, if you’re an active person who’s been struggling to find time to fit in your traditional workouts, HIIT might be a great option for you. Remembering all the benefits, a HIIT workout can kick your body into fat-burning mode for hours after training, and you’ll be able to do it in a shorter amount of time. So, give it a try! Even if you only have twenty minutes, you can fit HIIT into your day.

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