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MS Won’t Stop Me from Being a Warrior

I remember the day exactly. It was St. Patrick’s Day 2010 and I was out with a group of friends. We had been drinking and enjoying ourselves. I started to notice when I would look ...
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Top 5 Reasons to Start Training for Strength and Conditioning

Many folks believe that cardiovascular activities (such as running, cycling, the elliptical machine) are the best way to maximize workouts. However, balancing cardio with strength training is actually vital for boosting overall health and fitness!
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Diary of a Fitness Newbie: Pour Some Sugar On Me

The class I took this time was Les Mills BODYPUMP. I’ve been avoiding this class for a while. I knew it was a weight lifting class and I’ve seen people go in there and just know ...
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5 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth

Body weight exercises allow you to work out even when you have no special equipment around. In fact, these 5 exercises only require one hand free so you can even do them in the bathroom ...
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