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Put the Beat in Your Feet

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our lives have rhythm. We hear the tick-tock of the clock on the wall. When we walk or run, our gait has a certain tempo. There’s rhythm ...
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3 Alternative Exercises to Help Cut Down Shoulder Joint Injuries

No pain no gain, right???
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Importance of Self-Care While Working Out

Have you ever found a workout that you wanted to try? Did you jump right in and almost over-do it because you were working so hard to get that end result? Often, workouts, diets, and fitness ...
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Trainer Q&A: Corrective Exercise and Movement Patterns

You enter the gym, choose a machine, set the weight, and do your thing. Lather, rinse, repeat.  And then you stop and wonder, “Have I been working out properly? Am I moving my body the right ...
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19 Fitness Tips for your Exercise and Fitness Goals

Fitness Tip 19: “The following is a list of known power foods: almonds + other nuts, beans + legumes, spinach and other greens, oatmeal (without added sugar), eggs, turkey + other lean meats, dairy (fat ...
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