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Importance of Self-Care While Working Out

Importance of Self-Care While Working Out

bigstock-Muscular-guy-doing-sit-ups-at--189907921Have you ever found a workout that you wanted to try? Did you jump right in and almost over-do it because you were working so hard to get that end result? Often, workouts, diets, and fitness routines promise quick weight loss, bigger muscles, and tighter abs. You want these end prizes, so you quickly start exercising and pushing yourself without even thinking about preparation or self-care. However, self-care is key to health. Self-care requires that you take of your body on a daily basis. How would this affect your exercise routines? Self-care will produce more energy for your workouts, increase your abilities to exercise, prevent injuries, and provide a greater satisfaction with the end result, no matter what that may be.

Okay, so self-care is important. But how do you incorporate it into your fitness routines?

First, it is important to make sure you have had enough sleep prior to your fitness routine. Take care of yourself by developing a regular sleep schedule or going to bed early the night before. By getting enough sleep before you exercise, your body will be rejuvenated, refreshed, and more energetic. It is also important to be awake both mentally and physically while you are exercising, so getting enough sleep before your workout will ensure that you are not tired.

It is also extremely important to stay hydrated both before, during, and after your workout. Water regulates your body’s temperature, lubricates your joints, and transports nutrients to keep you energized and healthy. The American Council on Exercise has suggested drinking 20+ ounces before exercise, 7-10 ounces during exercise, and 8 ounces of water after exercise is completed. 

Another self-care tip that is vital to your health, especially while exercising, is eating right. Carbs are the best thing when preparing for a workout. By having both simple and complex carbs, your release of energy can remain steady during your fitness routine. Afterwards, your body will be in a recovery mode, so it is important to eat foods with lots of nutrients. Healthy eating is also important in a fitness routine such as a diet. Do NOT skip meals to try to lose weight. It is healthiest to always eat and replenish your body. 

How else can you take care of yourself while working out? You can practice self-care by motivating and challenging yourself. Workouts are hard, and it can be easy to get discouraged and give up. However, by having a healthy mind, you can motivate yourself to push through the discouraging thoughts and achieve your goals. Challenge yourself, push yourself, and you can reach the finish and claim the end result. 

Although you want to work hard and push through hard workouts, it is crucial to know your limits. You can pace yourself in your workouts. Don’t over-do it. You can push yourself and work all that you can, but remember to take care of yourself and know when to stop. Self-care is reaching your limit and stopping to prevent injury, and then getting better and increasing your limits each time you exercise.

One of the best and last things that you can do to take care of yourself throughout a fitness routine is to rest. Just as you should be aware of your limits, you should also stop at those limits and take the time to rest your body and mind. By allowing your body recovery time, it can adjust to the stress of exercise, replenish your energy, and repair damaged tissue. Resting is a vital self-care tip that can really benefit your fitness routine. 

As can be seen, it is important to take care of yourself in your workouts. So, next time you plan a fitness routine, make sure you include self-care in that plan. Self-care is key to health, and the amount of self-care that you choose to implement will either improve or deteriorate the results of your exercise.