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How to be Confident at the Gym

Do you ever find yourself wanting to go to the gym but are afraid of actually going to the gym? There’s no need to be, the gym is a safe space to meet goals. However, ...
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9 Things You Should Always Have in Your Gym Bag

A well- packed  gym bag  is an effective way to maximize your time in any fitness center and minimize  the aggravation the comes from having to just make do. Before you  head  to the gym, ...
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How to Stay Motivated to Visit Your Health Club

In January, you’re faced with a new year – a fresh, clean calendar, endless opportunity in front of you, and that annual promise to exercise more. But as we’re now trudging through fall, and the newness ...
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Tips To Being More Comfortable In A Gym

You know that it is time (or way past time to join a gym). You are ready to get your body back in shape.  You know that the best way to do that is to ...
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Study Shows Those Who Work Hard for Their Fitness Live Longer

Over the years, exercise recommendations have continually changed. For awhile, it was 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, but then doctors decided you could split that up into two 10 minute sessions. Then, they ...
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Health Clubs Baltimore

Come check out all the exciting things we have going on this summer here at Merritt Athletic Clubs at Cranbrook! We have summer dance camps that will be starting up; we have numerous programs that ...
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