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Discovering the Benefits of Exercise During the Pandemic

Discovering the Benefits of Exercise During the Pandemic

bigstock-Young-Men-Working-Out-Wearing--393967715The current pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in numerous ways. Areas of the country experienced lockdowns and others had major shutdowns of businesses, including gyms. Luckily, at this point, most gyms are back open.

Gyms are one of the places taking the most serious precautions when it comes to sanitizing and deep cleaning for the safety of their members. Health is a gym’s number one priority after all. Below are the reasons why going to the gym and exercising is a good option to help during the pandemic, both mentally and physically.

Improvements in Physical Health

The first clear benefit of exercising during the pandemic is the improvement in your physical health. Staying at home for extended periods of time usually leads to increased snacking. Whether it is working from home to just staying at home due to circumstances, our favorite goodies are more accessible. We are also more sedentary since we’re not taking part in our daily activities. Luckily, exercise can balance out an increased appetite and decreased mobility to make sure we don’t stray from our fitness goals.

Enhancements to Mental Health

Our extended time at home not only affects our physical health but just as importantly, our mental health. Most of us are used to going out and seeing our coworkers, friends, or even our local grocery clerks. When you are forced to stay home, all the people and places that you identify with are not present on a daily basis anymore. One of the basic needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is love and connection. As humans, we need this to feel a sense of belonging. A gym can provide an excellent community to be a part of, all while reaching towards a better version of ourselves, together. Going out and seeing your gym friends is an instant boost of encouragement. The gym is not only a place to work out, but to make friends. You’ll start getting used to familiar faces and enjoy seeing them when you go.

Better Immunity

We have already visited how exercise and the gym can improve our mental and physical health. According to The American College of Sports Medicine, “exercise is known to have a profound impact on the normal functioning of the immune system.” This is greatly important during these times. To keep our bodily defenses in check, it is vital to keep our immune system in tip-top shape. The gym is the ideal place for this due to the immense benefits physical activity can provide for us.

It is easy to see why exercise is an excellent choice to provide some stress relief during these difficult times. Happy body, happy heart, happy mind! Start your journey today with Merritt Clubs to experience the benefits of exercise and community from day one.