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Weight Loss Success Story: Before and After Results

It’s the first of the new year and many of us have set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. All of us at Merritt Athletic Clubs are cheering for you and want to support you throughout ...
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Bring Your Exercise Journal to the Best Health Clubs in Baltimore

If you keep meaning to work out but you’re still sitting on the couch, you may want to get yourself an exercise journal to bring to the best health clubs in Baltimore. It’s a simple ...
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Secrets To Finding Time To Work Out

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Things get a little crazy, when things get a little crazy and when things feel a little out of control in my neck of the woods, the simple act of making something familiar in the ...
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Need a Workout Buddy? Get into Group Fitness!

Trying to workout more often? Just about every article on the internet will tell you that one way to do so is to get a workout buddy. Unfortunately, finding a reliable workout buddy can sometimes ...
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The Major Rule for Eating Fruit

Fruit is healthy for us and there’s no doubt that eating fruit is important in our overall health and well being. In some of my healthy eating research, I have discovered guidelines about eating fruit ...
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Conquering Slacker Mountain

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