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Exercise Keeps Us Fit For Life

  As we age, our bodies change. The workout routine that was a great fit for us in our thirties and forties can become difficult to maintain when we reach our fifties or sixties and ...
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Trainer Q&A: Fitness Matters at Any Age

“Our bodies are made to move.” Such are the words of Merritt Clubs Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Janelle Duttenhoffer as she spoke about fitness for all ages. Whether it be for a playful 4 year-old, a ...
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Trainer Q&A: Just Keep Moving

It is no secret that exercise is an integral part of a healthy life. But what happens when we get older and our bodies age, and being sedentary looks a lot more appealing? Why do ...
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Fitness for Active Agers Means Never Skipping the Warm Up

It’s important for everyone to warm up before a workout, and those minutes spent priming your mind and body to get moving are especially important for fitness for active agers. Learn how to make the ...
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Different Programs for Senior Fitness

Physical activity is essential for seniors. Exercise improves circulation, strengthens muscles needed for support, increases balance and encourages flexibility. Regular activity is also beneficial for mental health as it improves mood and can sharpen brain ...
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