As we age, our bodies change. The workout routine that was a great fit for us in our thirties and forties can become difficult to maintain when we reach our fifties or sixties and beyond. If we haven’t worked out regularly for a few years, it’s even more difficult to return to our previous level of activity quickly, if at all.

But age is not an excuse to stop exercising. In order to be at our best for the rest of our lives, we must keep moving. Exercise is safe at any age when the selected activity is suited to the ability of the individual. Read the tips below then visit us at Merritt Clubs in person or online to learn more about staying fit safely as a senior. 

Mindful Movement

We should all be mindfully aware of how our bodies are positioned and the way we are moving when we participate in a physical activity. As an Active Ager, it’s essential. Straining to stretch more than we are able or jerking when lifting or executing any exercise may seem like ways to improve performance, but tissue can tear more easily as we get older. Properly executed activities, however, can keep older adults from becoming injury prone by building stronger bones and increasing flexibility. 

Life in Balance

Statistically, falls become more frequent with advancing age, so we need to take care, always being aware of where and how our feet are planted. Balance issues can be addressed through specially designed programs that, if practiced regularly, can improve this skill, reducing the risk of falling.

Low Impact Lessens Joint Stress

Jogging and other activities that jar joints may be off limits for a majority of older adults, but an ever increasing number of rewarding exercise options are available that are gentler to joints. Flexing exercises and other low impact sports and activities actually strengthen bones and stabilize joints, assisting in the prevention of problems. 

Ask The Experts

At any age, consultation with a physician is recommended before beginning or adjusting any exercise program. Once a doctor has given the go-ahead, a personal trainer can assist in selecting appropriate choices.

At Merritt Clubs, we believe age shouldn’t be seen as a period of decline. Each decade offers the opportunity to learn new skills. We may not be up to running a marathon, but learning a more gentle way to stay fit for our age is always possible. Classes such as Active Spirit are offered at several of our Merritt Clubs locations and provide friendly instruction in a supportive environment. To learn more about our locations and specially designed programs to help improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance as you age, please contact us