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Give the Gift of Life This Season

Give the Gift of Life This Season


Photo Credit: Susanne Forno

In our world today there is one thing you can do, that doesn’t cost anything but your time, and that can save lives, is giving blood. It’s the ultimate give back! Check out this inspiring story below…

White Marsh Member and employee, Sam Miskiel coordinated a Red Cross Blood Drive at Merritt Athletic Clubs – White Marsh back in August, but it is not a surprise by any means. Sam’s mother, Dawn DiBattista, has been an American Red Cross supporter for many years and has received the “2013 Rising Star” award from the American Red Cross Upper Chesapeake and Potomac Region for her successful bi-monthly blood drives at the company she works for. Dawn’s father and Sam’s grandfather, Nicolas Camillo DiBattista, suffered from a rare blood disorder for more than 42 years and received many blood transfusions; on August 3, 2005 he passed away. The day after his 9 year “angel anniversary”, on August 4, 2014, Sam held his first blood drive at the White Marsh Merritt with his mom Dawn by his side as a helper. Also, Dawn’s sister and husband donated that day, including Sam who just recently started donating blood since turning 18. Sam quickly understood the importance of donating and the gratification that comes along with donating and the lives it can save (up to 3 lives per donation) and how blood transfusions prolonged his grandfather’s life. I visited the club that day with my kids and was privileged to see Sam’s efforts and the support of his family go to such a good cause. I also couldn’t help but notice at least 2 members were first time blood donors and I know there were more. Thank you Merritt and the members that donated that day. I hope you continue to donate every 56 days and encourage other members to donate at the next blood drive! I am so proud of Dawn and Sam for their commitment to the American Red Cross and giving back to the community in honor of their father/grandfather.
Member – Susanne Forno

Give the Gift of Life this holiday season. The demand for blood is great during the holidays and the donation rate decreases. Please consider donating blood at the Merritt Athletic Clubs -White Marsh. Please Pre-register at the club or contact me below.

To register for our next blood drive, please contact Dianne Frager 410-773-9007 ext. 5534