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Exercise Your Options: 5 Apples to Help You Get Your Autumn Snack On

Exercise Your Options: 5 Apples to Help You Get Your Autumn Snack On

Autumn and apples go together like Maryland’s best 24-hour gyms and the ability to exercise your options. There are at least 7,000 different varieties available worldwide and all of them pack a nutritious punch. So why not reach for a bushel basket full in the weeks ahead? Here’s a short look at five unique ones to try:

1.) Honeycrisp

If you’re dying for a crunchy, sweet and slightly tart salad, go for the Honeycrisp. It’s got a beautiful red and green skin color that makes it extra festive and a crisp flesh that’s sublime. They are normally available for purchase September through May. Toss them into those salads we talked about or make sauces for your holiday tables.

2.) Braeburn

Prefer an aromatic apple that sports a luscious reddish orange color? Long to make healthy crumbles or crisps? Then Braeburns may just be the apples for you. Starting in October, many grocery stores stock them in the produce section and keep them on offer until July.

3.) Cripps Pink

The Cripps Pink is another excellent baking apple that you’re likely to run across this fall. It typically hits the store shelves in November and remains on display until late August. The apple’s skin color is an intoxicating mixture of red and yellow. In addition to baking, it may also be used for salads and apple sauces.

4.) Ida Red

Do you love a tart apple but are tired of munching on Granny Smiths? If so, try the Ida Red just once and you’re likely to be hooked. It’s tangy, tart and white on the inside and a stunning red on the outside. Add it to your autumn snacking options and toss it into healthy desserts. They’ll tend to remain available throughout the entire fall.

5.) Northern Spy

Last on our list is a tasty ditty known as the Northern Spy. It’s a late season wonder that’s tart, acidic and makes a mean baked apple dish. We’d also suggest combining it with pork, chicken, turkey and regular garden salads. Yum!

To learn more about eating well and staying healthy in the chilly weeks ahead, please contact us online or stop on by.