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Health Life Tips: Say Hello to Low Calorie, Fall Fondue Parties

Health Life Tips: Say Hello to Low Calorie, Fall Fondue Parties

Autumn holidays, like National White Chocolate Day and Halloween, don’t have to sidetrack your goal of living a healthy life. There are actually low calorie options available that make joining in on the celebrations easy and fun. One of those options is to leave the chocolate on the shelf and throw a fall fondue party using carob.

Carob is low in fat, calories and caffeine. It’s also sweet tasting, has trace amounts of calcium and is high in fiber. Plus, it melts easily and blends well with soy or rice milk too. So you could use it to make everything from white carob infused baba ghannouj to the fondue that we’re getting ready to talk about now.

To make enough carob fondue for you and seven hungry friends, reach for the following ingredients:

  • 2/3 cup Rice or Soy Milk (Vanilla or Chocolate)
  • 12 oz. White or Chocolate Carob Chips
  • ½ cup Brown Rice Syrup

If you want to add a touch of extra flavor, feel free to stir in ¼ teaspoon of your favorite fall spice. In our experience, cinnamon, pumpkin pie, nutmeg and cardamom tend to work well.

When you are ready, place all of the ingredients into a fondue pot and melt them. Then serve it warm, tableside along with a platter full of healthy dippers. There are a lot of different healthy dippers that you could use. Among them are sous-vide pumpkin cubes, rice cakes, apple slices, banana chips and strawberries. Of course gluten-free pretzels, pita chips, granola bars and bread sticks could also be paired with the carob fondue too. And if you happen to have any carob fondue left over, be sure to save it for that baba ghannouj or your morning oatmeal.

To learn more about celebrating candy filled holidays without compromising your health and fitness dreams, please contact us today.