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Trainer Q&A: Get Results This New Year

Hello 2019! With every new year, we hear about new resolutions, new goals, new plans. We see that with gyms being packed in the month of January. Everybody is eager to start a new journey and ...
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Trainer Q&A: Fitness Matters at Any Age

“Our bodies are made to move.” Such are the words of Merritt Clubs Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Janelle Duttenhoffer as she spoke about fitness for all ages. Whether it be for a playful 4 year-old, a ...
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Challenge Accepted: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Did you guys try anything new this month? I did, and I must say, it was possibly one of the best experiences I have had all year. I worked out with a Personal Trainer.
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Trainer Q&A: It’s a Stretch

People who exercise regularly know very well that stretching is vital when working out. It reduces the chances of injury and will help their overall performance. In this blog we previously talked about Dynamic Stretches ...
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Trainer Q&A: Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness

When you ask a mother what the most important moments of her life are, for sure one of her answers will be giving birth to her child(ren).  Carrying a growing, human life inside of her ...
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Trainer Q&A: Building a Community on the Fitness Floor

Everybody knows Bruce Lee. And if you work out at Merritt Clubs Cranbrook, chances are you’ve had at least one conversation with him. That’s because Bruce is the type of guy who cares about every ...
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Trainer Q&A: Just Keep Moving

It is no secret that exercise is an integral part of a healthy life. But what happens when we get older and our bodies age, and being sedentary looks a lot more appealing? Why do ...
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Trainer Q&A: Fast, Strong, Explosive

Young athletes, check this out. If you want to excel in your sport while at the same time reduce the chance of getting injured, Merritt Clubs Eldersburg trainer Josh Kruhm is your guy. He and ...
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Trainer Q&A: Box Like a Girl

It’s tough being a woman in a man’s world. But then again, “tough” is a word that would best describe Merritt Clubs trainer Courtney Feldheim. The Math-teacher-turned-boxer-slash-coach-slash-personal-trainer has endured struggles being a female athlete in ...
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Trainer Q&A: Holiday Tips and Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

We’re back with another installment to the Q&A series with our trainers. This month we chatted with DJ Manley from the Downtown Club and asked for some tips on how to stay healthy and fit ...
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Trainer Q&A: Surpassing Limits and Keeping Things Simple

Sometimes you just want to hear straight from the pros – so welcome to a new series on the Merritt Clubs blog! Every month we will chat with one of our trainers as they impart ...
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What a Personal Trainer Can Teach You

Have you ever thought about the value of a personal trainer? It is not uncommon for people to have a certain trepidation over someone standing over them, while they struggle to lose weight and get fit. ...
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