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3 Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

3 Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

bigstock-Sport-Man-Wear-Face-Mask-For-B-369222613In a world with the exponential growth of metabolic syndrome, lifestyle conditions can be a significant, cost-effective way of improving health. Lifestyle modifications can often be necessary for individuals with mental illness. Many of these people are at a high risk of contracting chronic diseases linked to sedentary behavior coupled with medication side effects, such as diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Patients do not fully understand the importance of exercise. But evidence suggests that it is a neglected intervention in the healthcare sector.

1. Exercise is an anti-anxiety treatment.

Exercise is a natural anti-anxiety treatment because it relieves tension while boosting physical and mental energy through the release of the stress hormone, endorphin. Any activity that gets you moving will help as long as you pay attention to it rather than zoning out. Notice your feet sensation as you move or the rhythm of your breathing while exercising.

2. Exercise helps you to get better sleep.

About one in three Americans experience insomnia at least one night a week. The condition is characterized by difficulties in getting and maintaining sleep and waking up too early. According to research by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, exercise can help people get a good sleep. Physical activity increases body temperature, which may have a calming effect on the mind, thereby leading to longer hours of sleep. Exercise can as well help regulate the body’s circadian rhythm.

3. Improves memory and thinking

The same happy hormones that make you feel calm and relaxed will help you concentrate and then feel mentally sharp for impending tasks. Exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells while preventing age-related decline.

Final Thoughts

One in five adults struggle with mental health each year. With the coronavirus pandemic coupled with a troubled economy, many are already in crisis. More than ever, people need a place to turn to like Merritt Clubs for physical fitness and guidance. Why not try us out or learn more about our wellness program.