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3 Ways to Override the Urge to Quit

3 Ways to Override the Urge to Quit

quit.jpgSo the dread fitness cliff has come and gone – at this point you may have fallen off the cliff of you r new year’s resolutions and are feeling down and out.  DON’T!  this is quite normal, it takes time to make new habits, to create new pathways to success.  We are all creatures of habits and our thinking defines that.  – think of this same thinking = same results.   So it’s time to think different, to behave different.  here are a few tips to get you re-motivated or keep you motivated:

1. J5M – I call it the just 5 min trick.  Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, down, not motivated to get started – do this take just 5 minutes.  That’s it – 5 mins and walk around the block, do jumping jacks, or whatever feels right to you for just 5 minutes.  Then check in with yourself and see how you feel afterwards.

Often times our bodies and minds just need a few minutes to warm up; to go from slump to energized and ready to move.  Remember its not exercise it simply moving.

 2. H.I.T it:  – a great workout no longer needs to be an hour long.  It can be 5 mins, 12, 20 as long as its got a great tempo to it and in the higher intensity areana.  Hit it and split – hard effort and spike metabolism, burn fat, lower stress and improve energy.  Do this simply a few times a week and watch the results pour in.

 3. close your eyes and recover – remember exercise is not all about effort, effort, effort – it’s about effort – recovery and fun.  sometimes you need to take a break so make sure you space put your days, rest and recover, mix up your workouts, try new things and experience life.  Don’t try to just do the same old same old.  Find your flow – your passion.. go out there and enjoy yourself – it starts with that simple step.  See #1 again. 

So that’s it 3 quick simple steps – remember 2016 is 365 days long – don’t be an overnight sensation or flop – take time – enjoy the process and give yourself the permission to make 2016 your year.

 Post by: 

Mark Miller

Vice President

Merritt Athletic Clubs