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4 Ways Keep Your Joints Healthy

4 Ways Keep Your Joints Healthy

Screen_Shot_2016-01-12_at_2.29.21_PM.pngPeople that get into exercise often neglect to pay attention to the health of their joints. As a result, they often do serious damage to these vital parts of the body. Learn how to exercise your options by keeping your joints as healthy and as stable as possible.

Keep Your Joints Steady When Exercising

Most severe joint damage (especially in your elbows) occurs when you aren’t keeping them as tight and as close to your body as possible when exercising. Letting them wander during exercise will put undue strain on them that can lead to serious injury.

Take a Break from Repetitive Exercise

Repetitive exercises, such as jogging, playing tennis, or kayaking can often put difficult strain on your joints, especially if you’re relatively new to the activity. Limit yourself to 15-30 minutes of this type of exercise before taking a break. If necessary, ice and warm the joint to alleviate pain.

Build Your Strength

Exercises that build strength, especially those with resistance, build the strength of the muscles and ligaments around your joints. This helps to take away some of the strain and pressure that they feel and keep them as pain-free as possible. This is especially true if you focus on exercises for the muscles surrounding each joint.

Quit Smoking

As if you needed any more reason to quit, it turns out that smoking actually steals nutrients from your bones and joints and considerably weakens them. If you’re struggling to quit, try a smoking cessation aide and do your joints a favor.

If you liked these tips or are want to know more information about joint health, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.