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6 Steps To Succeed With Your Weight Loss This Time

6 Steps To Succeed With Your Weight Loss This Time


Was the last time you tried to lose weight, it didn’t go so well? Why? You probably need to make better decisions about what works and doesn’t work for your body type. But there are many more reasons people fail at losing weight than just following lousy advice or doing things wrong. So before we dive into how to succeed this time around, let’s look at six key steps that will help make sure that your next attempt is a success:

Step 1 – Learn from the Past.

  • Learn from your past failures.
  • What went wrong the last time? How can you avoid those mistakes this time? What things worked for you the first time, and how can you incorporate those into your plan of attack this time around?
  • Identify the reasons for failure in previous attempts to lose weight, then fix them if possible.

Step 2 – Adopt a Positive Mindset.

Adopting a positive mindset is key to your success. The act of thinking positively can help you achieve your weight loss goal, and it will also help keep you from giving up on yourself when times get tough.

You must stay positive throughout the process because if you’re constantly negative about what’s going on in life and how much weight loss has hindered your progress, it will be even more challenging to make positive changes.

Step 3 – Create A Realistic Plan.

It’s essential to create a plan that is realistic for your lifestyle. If you need help with planning, this can be incredibly challenging. But don’t worry! There are ways to ensure that your weight loss goals will be achievable and sustainable over time. Merritt Clubs can even assist you with that. We have a Nutrition and Wellness team that will listen to you and help you come up with a plan to get on track.

Step 4 – Exercise often.

  • Exercise often. The benefits of exercise are numerous, and they’re especially valuable if you have a sedentary lifestyle. It can help you sleep better and feel less stressed and make you more energetic, confident, and happy—all factors that will help overweight people like yourself lose weight.
  • Set aside time for exercise regularly. Your body needs time to recover after a workout, so don’t try to work out too intensely or too often; instead, focus on building up gradually over time by starting with small amounts of activity each day until it becomes automatic behavior for you.

Step 5 – Consult your doctor.

As you work toward your weight loss goals, you must talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help determine if losing weight is right for you and set realistic goals. They may also be able to recommend a diet plan that is tailored specifically to your body type and health needs.

If this sounds like something that will make sense in the long run and could help keep other problems from arising down the road, then why consult them now?

Step 6 – Find Support From Others.

You may have the most willpower, but you need people to support your efforts and keep you accountable to succeed. An excellent place to start looking is with a group of friends or family members who are trying to lose weight themselves. Talk with them about how they’re feeling about their diets and what has worked for them so far—and then ask for advice on how best to approach your journey!

You can also find support from other people online: there are plenty of communities on Facebook where more than two dozen million Americans gather daily. If that doesn’t sound like enough for what YOU need, though, don’t worry! Merritt Clubs has many team members in personal training, group fitness and wellness to cheer you on and/or keep you in check.

Bottom line

If you’re committed to losing weight, the most important thing is to take action and not give up. These steps will help increase your chances of success. Remember to stay positive and focus on your goals, even when the going gets tough. With perseverance and determination, you can reach your weight loss goals and finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

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