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It is now that time of year when the water temperature in our rivers and bay is warm enough for us to begin enjoying them on a nice summer day. Open water swimming can be dangerous if you do not pay attention to your surroundings. Here are some tips for when you and the family decide to swim in open water:

  1. Always have a buddy; never swim alone
  2. Enter the water feet first; no diving. You don’t know what could be below the surface or how shallow it is.
  3. Be aware of the current in the water and if there are any undertows. If you are not a strong swimmer have a floatation device with you in the water. If you happen to get caught in a strong current do not panic, swim parallel with the shoreline and when you fill the current relax begin to swim towards the shore.
  4. Be extra careful swimming in water where a lifeguard is not present.
  5. Obey any signage around the area where you are swimming; they may let you know of dangers in the water.
  6. Know the weather conditions for the day before you leave the house for the day.

Swim close to the shoreline; the current drifts you out into the open water much faster than you would think.

Written by: Cara Hudson

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