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Knowing when and what to eat can make such a difference in how you feel not only during the day but also during your workouts. The first thing you can do is remember to eat a healthy breakfast each and every day. In order to get your body moving and to prevent you from feeling tired, sluggish or weak its important to fuel your body first thing in the morning. Good breakfast options may include whole grain cereals, low fat milk and fruits. The next important factor to keep in mind is when you are going to be working out each day. Small meals should be eaten two or three hours before exercising. Large meals should be eaten three to four hours before exercising. Small snacks can be eaten an hour before exercising. The thing you have to figure out is what is best for you. Snacks before working out can help keep your blood sugar up and prevent you from getting hungry during your workouts. However; you have to figure out what the best snack is for your body so that you do not get an upset stomach during your workout. A few good snack options can include, yogurt, granola bars, fresh fruit or energy bars or drinks. Eating and exercising work hand in hand. Always keep in mind that what and when you eat will play an important part in how you feel when you exercise.

Written by: Maria Yannuzzi

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