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Mentally Connect to Your Workouts

Mentally Connect to Your Workouts

Its that time of year, holiday season, when you need to check out and gain some much needed R&R because of all the chaos. It is also unfortunately the time most people mentally check out. So I ask you… Are you mentally connected to your workouts?

Think about driving around the vacation city you’ve never been to. You are focused on every road sign and landmark; you turn down the music and take a break from car conversation. It’s all about navigation.

Now think about driving around your hometown. The music is blaring, you’re chatting, maybe even on the phone, and your focus isn’t completely devoted to driving.

Now think about your workouts. Are they more like driving in an unfamiliar place or through your hometown? To reach your goals, treat every workout like you’re driving in an unfamiliar place.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone! That doesn’t mean abandoning your favorite workout. That means either bringing a new mindset to your workout, or adding fresh elements. It’s like going on vacation from that same, boring, unproductive routine workout.

Remember, People tend to stay in the “comfort zone” because they know what to expect. But without challenge there is limited success–in life and in our workouts. When you rise to the challenge, you become stronger.

Start now with these tips:

• Start training in 3D by doing some of your workout off of a machine. Allow your brain to focus on multiple body systems simultaneously.

• If you can do your workout in your sleep, it’s time for change. So bring greater focus to your existing workout to get more out of it.

• Get outside – fresh surrounds stimulate your mind and bring awareness to what’s around you.

• If you love cardio add some intervals (work hard for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds), do this with some wind sprints or running in the sand

• Experiment with different tempos. For example: quick squats or slow pushes, alternate the speeds for more challenge. Incorporate sprints followed by body weight movements as you move.

• Schedule a training session to rev up and revamp your program. A personal trainer can give you some new moves and progressions.

• Be creative! There is no perfect mold. Create your own challenges and goals. Most of all stay engaged and on the path to RESULTs through a new fresh holiday season workout routine.

• Last but not least – remember you still need R&R – so enjoy yourself but watch that diet. HAVE FUN!