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One of the Fastest Ways to Get in Shape

One of the Fastest Ways to Get in Shape

Body Pump

Looking for a quick, easy, and fun way to get in shape for summer? Grab a group fitness schedule. Group fitness is no longer “aerobics” for women. Group fitness has evolved into something greater and can help you achieve your fitness goals in no time…no matter your age, gender, or fitness level. Studies have shown that members are more likely to stick to their workout routine if they do it in a group setting. Classes are taught be highly trained instructors and gives you the support you need to take your fitness to the next level. How do you get started?

1. Look at your club’s group fitness schedule (found at your club and on our website)

2. Pick out 3 classes that seem interesting to you

3. Try each class 3 times

4. Talk to the instructor after class to get tips and advice for your next class

5. Bring a friend or family member with you to share the experience

I guarantee high calorie burn, a good time, and most importantly – results! Already an avid group fitness participant? Try out a new class to avoid hitting a plateau and challenge your body! Merritt’s group fitness classes will leave you wanting more!

Written by: Ashley Ziegler

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