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Ring in the New Year with Healthy Holiday Cocktails

Ring in the New Year with Healthy Holiday Cocktails

Cut those unwanted Calories with a Bang!

We’re all worried about our weight around the holidays. With all the parties, events and family get-togethers it’s hard not to want to celebrate with delicious food and drinks. There’s a lot of advice out there on how to eat healthier…but what about how to drink healthier? Yeah yeah, water is great after a run but it doesn’t exactly go with ham and brie. How do you lose (or maintain) your weight during the holiday season while still enjoying a few drinks?

As with food, depriving yourself of your favorite drinks will only make you want them more so instead of feeling frustrated that you can’t indulge with your family and friends, try these healthier alternatives to your favorite holiday drinks:

Spiced Apple Cider:

Instead of using the sugar-added brands, try Natural Apple Cider (without refined sugars) with a little bit of rum and a cinnamon stick. This is not only delicious but contains antioxidants from the apples and from the power spice cinnamon

Hot Chocolate:

The regular kind contains tons of sugar. Try warming a cup of low-fat milk with 2 tablespoons coco powder (at least 70% coco) and a packet of splenda. This drink indulges your chocolate craving with very little calories and sugar!

Red Wine:

Nothing has to be done to make this drink healthy. It’s powerful antioxidants and low calorie density make it one of the best choices for holiday drinks. Note: Red wine has more antioxidant qualities and less sugar than white wine.

Cranberry Cocktail:

When it comes to cocktails, many can be overloaded with calories- sometimes up to 800 or more! Take the sugary juices and syrups out of the equation and just have a simple drink: 1 oz clear liquor, a splash of antioxidant-rich natural cranberry juice, and a squeeze of lemon over ice. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Holiday Eggnog:

The real eggnog contains a ton of fat and calories and can be considered the worst drink of the holidays. But try this lower calorie version that still proves to be delicious:

(Makes three 8-ounce servings)


1/2 cup egg substitute
2 cups skim milk
1/2 cup fat-free creamer
2 tbsp splenda
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
Rum (as desired)


Pour ingredients into a container, mixing until thickened.
Cover eggnog and allow to chill for at least 2 hours.

by Becky Conti