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5 Tips to Prevent Car Break-ins

5 Tips to Prevent Car Break-ins

Nobody wants to return from a fun day or even a workout to find their car damaged or shattered glass and stolen belongings. Although there is no way to completely prevent a car break in, here are some helpful tips that can help better prepare for the worst case scenario.

1. Keep it tidy

Almost any worthless personal item that’s visible from the outside — even an empty shopping bag — could be seen as a valuable or a carrier of valuables.

Source – Bengt Halvorson:

2. Keep Your Car Secure

This seems like a no-brainer, but many people don’t lock their car when they’re “just running into the store” or “they’ll only be a minute.” A minute is all the time it takes to break into someone’s car. Lock your doors to prevent car break-ins. Don’t make the thief’s job any easier by handing him an open door. Also, make sure to keep your windows rolled up.

Source – Joel Hilton:

3. Conceal all the evidence

Don’t leave any bait out for thieves; stow your electronics and accessories well out of sight-or better yet, bring it with you. The evidence alone might be enough to pique the interest of thieves, so hide that too, including power plugs, telltale iPod adapters, or nav-system windshield suction-cup mounts, and even put the cigarette lighter back in place.

Source –Bengt Halvorson:

4. Stash before — not after — you park

Get in the habit of putting shopping bags in the trunk right when you return to the vehicle, rather than after you park at the next place.

Source –Bengt Halvorson:

5. Completely close windows and sunroofs

No, it’s not just because thieves might reach in through the gap and open your locks with a coat hanger. Open windows will disable the pressure sensor in some car alarms, leaving the vehicle more vulnerable to break-in and potentially giving thieves more time before the alarm sounds.

Source –Bengt Halvorson: