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I had just finished my workout at Towson when another member asked if I wanted to play a few rounds. I figured why not and I then proceeded to get schooled in Racquetball! Not that I am a pro or anything, but it was certainly a challenge I didn’t expect that day.

It is often difficult to challenge yourself when you workout alone. Although watching the flat screen or listening to your favorite music is necessary sometimes to get your mind off of other things consuming your life, it never compares to having another person right there challenging you. Group Fitness Classes are always a great choice. They incorporate the energetic music and typically you can always find someone to chat with along the way so you’re never alone.

Challenge yourself; give your workout everything you’ve got! You only live once and you owe it to yourself!

On this particular day, I had originally burned 1,200 calories. After our game, I burned a total of 2,192 calories and met a new friend! Thanks Jamie! Next time, it’s on!