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Need a Unique Gift for a Child? How About a Gift Certificate to a Fitness Club?

Need a Unique Gift for a Child? How About a Gift Certificate to a Fitness Club?

The holidays are coming up and you’re probably looking over your list, trying to figure out a gift for each person that will be appreciated and unique. While many adults enjoy going to the gym, a gift certificate to one is a touchy subject. Some might appreciate it, while others will take offense. Kids however, are another story. A gift certificate to a fitness club that has classes and activities just for them would not only be better than a toy that loses appeal, it would provide fun and promote a healthy lifestyle for a child in your life.

Kids Classes at Merritt Athletic Clubs

If you’re in the Maryland area, Merritt Athletic Clubs caters to families. They provide special classes for children year-round, and even have camps and activities when children are on vacation from school. Some of the classes children can choose from include:

If you’ve got a video game lover on your list, XRKade is a special fitness class that challenges kids using the latest video game technology. Kids get fit using Dance, Dance, Revolution, a virtual cycle, a snowboarding program, and other active video games that motivate children who love to live in an electronic world.

Families who enjoys having fun and getting fit together can do it at Merritt Athletic clubs. Kids love to swim, and when families come to one of our pools, they will have a blast while being active.

If you’ve got a child on your gift list, consider giving them a gift certificate to Merritt Athletic Clubs. They will, without a doubt, enjoy it more than any toy you could give them.

For more information on locations and programs, contact us.

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