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It’s February, which is a month devoted to hearts and candy and doing something special with your loved ones. But maybe it should also be a time to focus on your own physical, mental and emotional health! It’s the final stretch of winter, and spring will be here before we know it. Let’s take charge of this month by giving ourselves some extra care.

Speaking of hearts, increase your energy and mood this month by beginning each day with your favorite workout. Whether that’s a morning walk, a HITT workout, cardio or strength training, win each morning by getting your heart rate going and blood flowing. You’ll stabilize your energy levels for the rest of the day!

Stay hydrated all month by adding water to your routine by always keeping your jug or bottle of water with you. Add some lemon or apple cider vinegar for extra flavor, vitamin C and metabolism boosting benefits. Always drink water before your meals to prevent overeating and help boost your digestive enzymes. Did you know that being hydrated also helps prevent dry skin during the winter? All the more reason to drink more water!

Enhance your health by adding all the colors of the rainbow to your meals! Find a new recipe and cook at home with your loved ones. Create a fun or fancy tablescape to enjoy the meal together. Try new spices and flavors and see if there’s a new food to add to your meal prepping.

Boost your mental health by spending time reading a new book or learning a new hobby in February. You will relax your mind while letting your creative juices and happy hormones flow. Build something with your little ones or learn a new skill such as painting or knitting. Grab some friends and start a book club to strengthen your community.

Take some time to de-stress and bring a sense of calm to your month. Finding time to relax is crucial for our mental and physical health as we balance our stress hormones. Find a drawer or closet to organize, give away clothing or toys that do not serve you anymore, decrease time on your phone, and learn to say no to things that create stress in your life. Take advantage of the colder evenings by sipping on chamomile tea by the fire to de-stress and relax this winter.

The longer warmer days will be here before you know it, so make the most of these cozy days while they are here by making time for yourself!

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