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Kids Fitness: Study says Elementary School Kids are Unhappy with their Bodies

Kids Fitness: Study says Elementary School Kids are Unhappy with their Bodies

Children Lifting Weights

A recent study found that children as young as 8 years old are already expressing dissatisfaction with their bodies. Kids fitness programs may be one solution if you’re concerned about the implications of children having a negative body image so early in life.

A recent story in Time Magazine says that almost half the children in Australia are unhappy with their bodies according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies. The figures are even worse when you look at kids who are overweight, and their dissatisfaction appears to grow with each passing year.

Experts are concerned about the findings because they didn’t expect to see these issues in children so young. This is also one of the first signs that boys appear to be as vulnerable as girls. You may remember a survey by the Girl Scouts a few years ago that found 31% of girls refuse to eat so they can lose weight. Here, young boys were even more likely than young girls to be trying to manage their weight.

It’s also reasonable to expect that these figures aren’t limited to Australia. Think about how many adults complain when comparing themselves to models and actors in magazines. It’s even more disturbing to think what this does to a child’s self-esteem and how it might interfere with them eating a balanced diet.

On the bright side, kids fitness programs can help turn this situation around. Young people can take pride in their bodies as they develop skills and improve their performance. They see that fun games and friendly interactions are more pleasant and effective than starvation diets. Plus, with a family gym membership, you’re providing an excellent role model for your kids and giving them the attention they need.

Contact us to see why parents and kids love our junior fitness programs. You’ll all feel better about your bodies and your future.