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Fun and Fitness with the Kids

Fun and Fitness with the Kids

bigstock-Young-Family-Riding-Bikes-In-P-13909514Children are little balls of endless energy! They are constantly moving about, looking for ways to expend their seemingly limitless supply of energy. As their parent, guardian, or babysitter, it is up to you to make exercising fun and fulfilling! And since we are now in the warmer months, there are even more options to get active.

Here are a few ways you can turn exercise time into playtime: 

  1. Take an exciting nature walk! Take a walk through the woods or your backyard. Have your child collect rocks, leaves, and sticks while you’re exploring. Take a small bag with you to carry all your findings. When you get home, try to identify everything you find with a quick Google search. It’s a great way for your child to learn about nature while exercising.
  2. Go for a bike ride. Or maybe a trike ride, if your child isn’t old enough for a bike. Find a scenic bike path or ride your bikes along your street. Try having a race with your child to make this activity extra engaging! Make sure to be on the lookout for cars or pedestrians while you’re biking.
  3. Sign them up for a class promoting exercise. There are tons of things for the kiddies to do at Merritt. Whether it be kids yoga, swim lessons, dance, or the fun activities at summer camps, your child will no doubt have a blast while at the same time getting some exercise in! Click here to see all of our Kids Programs.
  4. Play an active game outside. Try playing tag or kickball with your kids outside. Spending time outdoors and learning rules for games are important for growing children.
  5. Try showing your child some of your own workout routines. Kids will love watching and learning from you! Make sure you show them proper technique and take things slowly. Trying Merritt Clubs On Demand at home is a good way to do this.

Remember to always make exercising fun and enjoyable. Fostering healthy habits and behaviors early in your child’s life will be better for them in the long term.