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The Importance of Nutrition and Skin Care When it Comes to Self-Care

The Importance of Nutrition and Skin Care When it Comes to Self-Care

What is done on the outside greatly affects the inside of the body and what is put into the body definitely shows on the outside!

That’s why self-care and nutrition go hand in hand. Though self-care is intensely focused around the mental and physical being, we can never neglect the food that we eat. Failure to prioritize nutrition will reveal itself through the mental and physical aspects. According to the National Institutes of Health, “The brain is an organ with very high metabolic and nutrient demands.” With that being said, you literally will become what you eat!

However, did you know the skin is the largest organ of the body? Once again referencing the National Institutes of Health, “Nutrition is closely associated with skin health and is required for all biological processes of skin from youth to aging or disease.” We must take into account what we are allowing to soak into our skin through our food intake.

Alongside being a personal trainer I am also an esthetician meaning I completely understand the importance of skin care; nevertheless, it is important not to limit oneself to the basic topical standards of wearing sunscreen and moisturizer to maintain a healthy skin appearance.

All in all the same way we protect our mind from negativity and our bodies from harm we must protect our diet on that same level. Make it a self-care duty to not only find inner peace and be active, but to also get hydrated, and eat smart! Feel good, look good.