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How to Improve Your Metabolism with Food

How to Improve Your Metabolism with Food

The metabolism is responsible for converting calories into energy. The rate at which this is able to occur can be affected in a positive way, by incorporating specific foods in your diet. Fiber and lean protein are two examples of foods that support metabolic strength. Food that supports metabolic weight loss often takes more energy to digest and is naturally lower in calories.

Contributing Factors to Natural Metabolism

The Mayo Clinic states that there are several factors involved in determining your basal metabolic rate. These include your age, sex and body size. Individuals who have more muscle mass than they have fat, have a higher metabolic rate. They add that in general, women have more body fat because of a slower metabolism. Muscle mass decreases as we age, and so does our natural metabolic rate.

Metabolism and Your Weight

Some people blame their weight control issues on a slow metabolism. While this may be true in some instances, in most cases it is simply because of an excessive calorie intake. As explained by The Mayo Clinic, an “energy deficit” must be established in order to burn extra calories through metabolism. Reducing the daily intake of calories is essential to support a healthy metabolism.

Protein Consumption

Protein generally requires more effort to be broken down by the body; therefore more metabolic energy is required for the digestion process. Eating protein with every meal will help boost the metabolism significantly. Consuming whey protein powder is an excellent option. Salmon, chicken, turkey, beans, walnuts and almonds are other good choices.

Grains, Fruits and Vegetables

Foods that are rich with fiber will also support metabolic weight loss. Oats, whole grain breads and cereals are excellent sources. Fruits which are known to support metabolism include raspberries, grapefruit, lemons, apples and pears. Vegetable choices include spinach, celery, chili peppers and tomatoes.

Combining regular exercise with healthy foods is essential for effectively supporting metabolism and losing weight. Contact us today, and get on the fast track to losing weight through proper diet and exercise.