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How to Stay Active at an Office Job

How to Stay Active at an Office Job

bigstock-Businessman-Working-Sitting-On-96131105.jpgJust because you’re not outside or in a gym does not mean you can’t be active. There are ample opportunities in every environment…no excuses. Staying active at work provides many benefits. Use these tips to feel better about yourself, become more focused and remain energized.

Go the extra mile…literally
Instead of sending an email to a coworker 20 feet away, get up and walk to them. Not only will you be moving, you will be forming better relationships. This is also something to keep in mind when getting to work. Yes it’s convenient to walk into work and dart to your desk so quickly no one even notices you’ve arrived. BUT, why not do a lap around the office, say hello, make some friends, get some morning exercise and start off the day on the right track.

Use a bouncy exercise ball for a chair
Not only is the switch-up fun, it’s a good change for you. Using an exercise ball will help engage various muscles throughout your busy work day.

Opt out of a chair
Avoiding sitting is extremely difficult in an office setting, however if you completely get rid of your chair you won’t have to worry about this issue. We are practically laying down/sitting for the majority of the day/life, so take advantage of this time to get off your butt!

Take breaks, stand up and walk around
Obviously don’t abuse this by getting up every 30 minutes, however if you notice yourself being idle for a few hours get up and stretch. Get the blood flowing and regroup.

Walk to lunch (if applicable)
Instead of driving to the nearest Chipotle, walk to the closest Sweet Green. It’s the little things we can change that will add up to make big differences.