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Innovative Workout Socks Provide Comfort and Safety for Health Clubs Members

Innovative Workout Socks Provide Comfort and Safety for Health Clubs Members

You probably put a lot of thought into choosing shoes to wear to health clubs, but you may not realize your socks are important too. Modern technology has expanded your options when it comes to workout socks that will protect your feet, and keep you safer and more comfortable while you jog on the treadmill or build up your biceps.

You know that the wrong shoes can make your feet hurt, and send you to the sidelines. Well, socks can cause injuries too if friction builds up. Shop carefully to get the cushioning and other benefits your feet need.

Stay dry: The 80s left behind more than Miami Vice reruns and stirrup pants. That decade was the dawn of synthetic microfibers that wick away moisture, and that is good news for avoiding blisters and embarrassing odors.

Prevent blisters: While reducing moisture is a start, you may need extra protection depending on the activities you prefer and the condition of your feet. Try socks with silicon traction pads that hold your foot in place. Less rubbing means fewer blisters.

Maintain traction: Any sock can be too slippery for yoga, but it can also be inconvenient to go around barefoot. Welcome adjustable tights that let you roll up the foot fabric when you are ready for your mat. Until then, your feet stay warm and covered while you walk on public surfaces, which is more hygienic for you and everyone else.

Boost your energy: Lots of runners swear by the new graduated compression socks saying they fight fatigue, increase speed, and aid recovery between workouts. If that sounds good to you, give them a try.

Picking the right gear helps you to have fun while you shape up at your health club. Merritt Athletic Clubs is the most complete fitness organization in Maryland with 10 convenient locations. Contact us to reach your fitness goals.